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Flou beds

Founded in 1978, Flou was based on the objective of producing intrinsic and formal high-quality beds, combined with a desire to introduce a new "culture of sleep".

By interpreting the concept of sleep in an innovative way, Flou has achieved international leadership status with its collection of products which can nowadays be found in the most exclusive furniture stores in more than 50 countries around the world.

Find out more about Flou products: beds, sofas, stools, lamps, furnishings, wardrobes, armchairs, coffee tables, desks.

Discover the Flou products

Flou Amal Flou Amal Flou's Amal bed stands out for its class as it is embellished with elegant metallic trims. The metal trim on the sides… Flou Angle Flou Angle Double Bed Angle, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, is offered in two versions: simple or screened. This latter option… Flou Ari Flou Ari Ari is a series of accessory units that includes a three-drawer nightstand and a seven-drawer tallboy. The drawers are… Flou B-Shell Flou B-Shell B-Shell is a ceiling light with hand-turned and burnished brass used to create its characteristic dome-shaped shades.… Flou Binario Flou Binario Binario is a modular sofa where the different elements offer variable compositions that can be arranged and rearranged,… Flou Biss Flou Biss Ideal in the children's bedroom, the guest room or in a studio apartment, the Biss bed actually consists of two… Flou Borgonuovo Flou Borgonuovo Flou's Borgonuovo sofa stands out for its classic style and compact size, making it a reassuring, elegant choice that… Flou C- System Flou C- System C- System is a system of horizontal, modular wall units. The precious quality of the finishes – fossil wood or… Flou Doze Flou Doze Doze by Flou is a modular sofa whose units can be combined to form linear compositions, corner units or with lateral… Flou Duetto Flou Duetto Duetto is a convertible single bed based on a simple and elegant design. It provides different solutions thus helping… Flou Foglio Flou Foglio Foglio is a nightstand in curved metal with breezy, essential lines. It is made from a single sheet of exquisitely… Flou Gaudì Flou Gaudì This double bed is a tribute to wood and its unconscious ability to constantly generate new forms that cannot be… Flou Gentleman Flou Gentleman Gentlemen by Flou is a linear two- or three-seater sofa and is characterized by two special embellishments: the first is… Flou Gentleman Flou Gentleman The Gentleman dresser belongs to a bedroom furniture set whose elegant lines, quality materials, and skilled… Flou Gentleman Flou Gentleman The Gentleman bedside table fully expresses the true values of Made in Italy manufacture. The curved multilayer wood… Flou Gentleman Flou Gentleman The Gentleman cigar storage unit features a curved multilayer wood structure and an outer layer of leather with… Flou Gentleman Flou Gentleman Gentleman is an elegant vertical mirror with large frame covered in leather, with leather piping (in the same color as… Flou Guardaroba 16.32 Flou Guardaroba 16.32 Guardaroba 16.32 is a wardrobe fitted with a high door and made of a material that to date has not been used frequently… Flou Icon Flou Icon Icon is a strong, decisive double-size bed that is distant from cold minimalist lines as it has been softened by an… Flou Icon Flou Icon The modern design of the Icon bed is also the hallmark of the Icon sofa, a program of modular seating with a minimal… Flou Iko Flou Iko Iko by Flou is a smart comfortable piece of furniture and the perfect accessory to position at the foot of the bed. The… Flou Iko Flou Iko Elegance and harmony characterize this classy small armchair, allowing it to slide easily into classical and… Flou Iko Flou Iko The Iko coffee tables are characterized by quality materials and luxurious details in polished metal and the marble top.… Flou Iko Flou Iko The Iko desk can also be used as a console or a practical shelf, embellished by a variety of different finishes. The top… Flou Iko Flou Iko Thanks to its compact size, the Iko pouf is piece of furniture that can be used in the bedroom and in every other room… Flou Isola Flou Isola Isola is a a free-standing chest of drawers designed to complete high-end walk-in closets and to further enhance the… Flou Jaipur Flou Jaipur The headboard of the double-size Jaipur bed becomes the centre-stage of the bedroom thanks to the macro weaves that… Flou Jil Flou Jil Jil is a range of modular seating available in two sizes, large or small, with the solid base and the legs in eucalyptus… Flou Juta Flou Juta Juta is a tall bedside table, whose base is made from a single metal foot at the center of the structure. The storage… Flou Juta Flou Juta Flou's Juta bedroom furniture is a series of furnishing accessories consisting of chest of drawers, night table and… Flou Juta Flou Juta Flou's Juta bedroom furniture includes the Juta chest of drawers which, like the rest of the collection, consists of a… Flou Juta Flou Juta Flou's Juta bedroom furniture includes the Juta bedside table which, like the rest of the collection, consists of a… Flou Lilia Flou Lilia Lilia is born out of the collaboration between designer Steve Leung and Flou. It is a swivel armchair whose shape… Flou Mandarine Flou Mandarine Mandarine is a highly refined bed with oriental leanings that looks great in both classic and modern environments. The… Flou Merkurio Flou Merkurio Tradition, artisan skills and soberness are the distinguishing characters of double bed Merkurio. Fit for any setting… Flou Moon Flou Moon Moon is a series of circular poufs that stand out for their round shape and eye-catching asymmetrical stitching, which… Flou My Place Flou My Place The modular sofa MyPlace by Flou can adapt to any need and satisfies the highest expectations in terms of relaxation and… Flou Myplace Flou Myplace The double-size Myplace bed reflects the design of the Myplace collection of modular sofas, unique for its cozy and… Flou Nathalie Flou Nathalie In the same year when Flou came out, Vico Magistretti designed Nathalie, still meaning today the archetype of modern… Flou New Bond Flou New Bond New Bond is a bed whose distinguished headboard sports a detail that is original, distinctive, and extremely difficult…

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