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Flou Amal Flou Amal Flou's Amal bed stands out for its class as it is embellished with elegant metallic trims. The metal trim on the sides… Flou Angle Flou Angle Double Bed Angle, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, is offered in two versions: simple or screened. This latter option… Flou Biss Flou Biss Ideal in the children's bedroom, the guest room or in a studio apartment, the Biss bed actually consists of two… Flou Duetto Flou Duetto Duetto is a convertible single bed based on a simple and elegant design. It provides different solutions thus helping… Flou Gaudì Flou Gaudì This double bed is a tribute to wood and its unconscious ability to constantly generate new forms that cannot be… Flou Icon Flou Icon Icon is a strong, decisive double-size bed that is distant from cold minimalist lines as it has been softened by an… Flou Jaipur Flou Jaipur The headboard of the double-size Jaipur bed becomes the centre-stage of the bedroom thanks to the macro weaves that… Flou Mandarine Flou Mandarine Mandarine is a highly refined bed with oriental leanings that looks great in both classic and modern environments. The… Flou Merkurio Flou Merkurio Tradition, artisan skills and soberness are the distinguishing characters of double bed Merkurio. Fit for any setting… Flou Myplace Flou Myplace The double-size Myplace bed reflects the design of the Myplace collection of modular sofas, unique for its cozy and… Flou Nathalie Flou Nathalie In the same year when Flou came out, Vico Magistretti designed Nathalie, still meaning today the archetype of modern… Flou New Bond Flou New Bond New Bond is a bed whose distinguished headboard sports a detail that is original, distinctive, and extremely difficult… Flou Notturno Flou Notturno Designed byVittorio Prato, Notturno comes out as bed with elegant and essential lines, yet functional. Its look may… Flou Pochette Flou Pochette Pochette, the upholtered bed by Flou, stands out for its sumptuous elegant shapes. It comes in three versions:… Flou Sommier Flou Sommier Sommier represents the maximum performance of a bed in the name of extreme functionality: it takes up less room, for it… Flou Tadao Flou Tadao Tadaobed by Vico Magistretti is a revolutionary model in the history of contemporary bed and comes to life in the sign…

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