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Poltrona Frau Sofas

The Poltrona Frau collection consists of a wide range of sofas, including many sectional models, guaranteed to cater to different tastes and satisfy every customer requirement.

The company was founded in 1912 in Turin. Since its early years the brand was extremely successful as it specialized in furnishings for hotels and large ships. In 1932 Poltrona Frau was commissioned with furnishing the Italian Parliament. Throughout the 1900s special projects continued with the commissions from the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, furnishings for the European Parliament in Strasbourg and finally the Teatro Piccolo in Milan.

Since the 60s the Company's headquarters have been in the Marche region, where all the production is concentrated. Creativity and know-how are key concepts honed to perfection in the Research and Development Center to guarantee the seamless running of the entire production process. By some accounts, it takes about 55 hours to manufacture a complete sofa, at which point its craftsmen apply the famous Poltrona Frau brand, a hallmark of quality and passion.

Poltrona Frau Premium Leather

The company is renowned and held in high esteem all over the world, as it owes its reputation to the attention it puts into the selection of its quality raw materials. Each piece, from sofas to beds, from armchairs to accessories, is designed to furnish all kinds of interiors with elegance and offer maximum comfort.

Since 1987, Pelle Frau® and Color System Frau® are registered trademarks to guarantee the finest raw materials sourced in Europe and a perfect palette of colors for best matching with the design items in the home. All kinds of customers will find the most suitable interpretation of their needs; indeed, all Poltrona Frau sofas can be matched with one's favorite cover, choosing between Pelle Frau® or removable fabric. Pelle Frau® is tough, maintaining color fastness and softness over time, and becoming more unique with each passing year. The mission is to furnish homes and offices, respecting the environment, as well as ensuring well-being, style and comfort.

The Sofa collection perfectly embodies the language of Poltrona Frau. Handmade products, in full-grain leather. Each item becomes an immediate best seller, a timeless icon guaranteeing the best quality and most innovative standards. Among these we find a veritable beacon for the company's output: Chester, inspired by the classic designs of English sofas and armchairs of the Edwardian era. The high quality materials and the meticulous tufted capitonné workmanship are evidence of craftsmanship that makes the Poltrona Frau style something unique and unparalleled: a hallmark of Made in Italy excellence appreciated all over the world.

Those looking for a sofa with a modern look that is both comfortable and functional should find in Grantorino the perfect solution; Jean-Marie Massaud - the designer who won the Wallpaper Design Award in 2014 for this project - takes inspiration from the world of saddlery and designs a modular sofa with an exquisite, original version made in hand-cut, hand-shaped leather that closely molds the lines and structure of the seat. The high and slim armrest also presents intricate, careful workmanship, highlighting the absolute attention given to detail.

Also worth noting is the Let It Be sofa, whose name alone recalls ideals of unfettered freedom. Designers Ludovica + Roberto Palomba drew inspiration from the Roman triclinium, where the ancients used to lie on, while eating and chatting. An informal and relaxed item, this modular system offers a wide range of optional solutions, making it the undisputed protagonist of any decor.

Clayton is a new sofa creation by Jean-Marie Massaud. With modern and sumptuous lines, it is inspired by the great haute couture dresses, where tailoring is the main attraction. The seat cushions upholstery is embellished with a delicate handmade X-shaped stitching with contrast thread. The goose down of the padding will guarantee comfort and softness to the seat and, like any Frau product, the upholstery is completely customizable.

Poltrona Frau Chester Line Poltrona Frau Chester Line A contemporary version of one of Poltrona Frau's most iconic pieces, Chester Line presents itself with a stately,… Poltrona Frau Clayton Poltrona Frau Clayton A sumptuous yet radically modern sofa; its luxurious stitching, worthy of the finest tailors, runs right along the… Poltrona Frau Come Togheter Poltrona Frau Come Togheter An ultra-modern sofa system designed to bring people together for sharing experiences and conversation; a clear… Poltrona Frau Get Back Poltrona Frau Get Back The Get Back sofa by Poltrona Frau represents a return to comfort, to a welcoming tailor-made space where you can really… Poltrona Frau Let it be Poltrona Frau Let it be The natural evolution of the sofa, Let It Be takes its name from the famous Beatles song, evocative of a period of… Poltrona Frau Grantorino Poltrona Frau Grantorino Jean-Marie Massaud was inspired by the world of saddlery and designed Grantorino, a sofa system with a wide setup… Poltrona Frau Bretagne Poltrona Frau Bretagne Longing for wrapping shapes, precision, harmony and soft geometry leads up to Bretagne, a sofa featuring an unusual deep… Poltrona Frau Chester Poltrona Frau Chester This is an icon of Poltrona Frau company production. Chester recalls classical models of sofas and armchairs of the… Poltrona Frau Massimosistema Poltrona Frau Massimosistema Massimosistema is a sofa perfectly expressing the core of contemporary living: fit, flexibility and free creative… Poltrona Frau Kennedee Poltrona Frau Kennedee Created in 2006 upon an intuition by Jean-Marie Massaud, Kennedee sofa recalls the golden era of Kennedy family with its… Poltrona Frau Anthon Poltrona Frau Anthon Anthon is a cosy sofa providing relax and comfort. Fitted with soft and large cushions, Anthon stands out for its big… Poltrona Frau John-John Poltrona Frau John-John John-John sofa, created by Jean-Marie Massaud in 2011 is inspired to the Kennedy age and stands out for its delicate… Poltrona Frau Dream On Poltrona Frau Dream On Dream On is the evolution of Dream, a sofa with exceptional care for details and discreet elegance, retrieving… Poltrona Frau Almo Poltrona Frau Almo Almo is a sofa inspired by, and is short for, almohada, a traditional, comfortable Iberian pillow typical of the 1950s.… Poltrona Frau Bullit Poltrona Frau Bullit A sofa that shows off its ever more versatile and comfortable features thanks to the formal elements that set it apart… Poltrona Frau Scarlett Poltrona Frau Scarlett A sofa which is also a chaise-longue and whose generous and welcoming image is an open invitation to rest and… Poltrona Frau Nivola Poltrona Frau Nivola The Nivola armchair and sofa with their streamlined and light design are bound by a compact and rounded seat with simple…

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