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Flexform Adda Flexform Adda Sofa with a clean, contemporary look available in two versions - linear or modular. It features a light frame welcomes… Flexform Asolo Flexform Asolo Asolo is a modular sofa with generous and yet balanced proportions guaranteeing maximum comfort and softness of the… Flexform Campiello Flexform Campiello Sofa with clean, uncluttered lines; its seat and back cushions are filled with goose down to magnify the feeling of… Flexform Este Flexform Este Available in two versions, linear or modular, at a first glance this sofa stands out as much for the rich aesthetics of… Flexform Gregory Flexform Gregory The Gregory sofa's bold personality and exquisite proportions reveal sophisticated construction details that place… Flexform Newbridge Flexform Newbridge Balanced proportions combined with soft contours and generous padding make the Newbridge sofa warm and inviting.… Flou Binario Flou Binario Binario is a modular sofa where the different elements offer variable compositions that can be arranged and rearranged,… Flou Borgonuovo Flou Borgonuovo Flou's Borgonuovo sofa stands out for its classic style and compact size, making it a reassuring, elegant choice that… Flou Doze Flou Doze Doze by Flou is a modular sofa whose units can be combined to form linear compositions, corner units or with lateral… Flou Gentleman Flou Gentleman Gentlemen by Flou is a linear two- or three-seater sofa and is characterized by two special embellishments: the first is… Flou Icon Flou Icon The modern design of the Icon bed is also the hallmark of the Icon sofa, a program of modular seating with a minimal… Flou My Place Flou My Place The modular sofa MyPlace by Flou can adapt to any need and satisfies the highest expectations in terms of relaxation and… Flou Oliver Flou Oliver Oliver is a sofa in the most traditional meaning of the word, designed to satisfy the changes in the universe of… Flou Softbench Flou Softbench Softbench is a modular sofa that introduces a concept of dynamic and multifunctional use, ideal for today's… Gallotti&Radice Fiona Gallotti&Radice Fiona Modular sofa characterized by distinct capitonnée decoration on the backrest, made with a wooden inner structure,… Poliform Saint Germain Poliform Saint Germain Saint-Germain is a modular system of sofas and upholstery elements with sinuous and sensual shapes. An enveloping and… Poliform Westside Poliform Westside Westside is a multifunctional sofa that can be modelled in such a way as to create all kinds of comfortable… Poltrona Frau Chester Line Poltrona Frau Chester Line A contemporary version of one of Poltrona Frau's most iconic pieces, Chester Line presents itself with a stately,… Poltrona Frau Clayton Poltrona Frau Clayton A sumptuous yet radically modern sofa; its luxurious stitching, worthy of the finest tailors, runs right along the… Poltrona Frau Come Togheter Poltrona Frau Come Togheter An ultra-modern sofa system designed to bring people together for sharing experiences and conversation; a clear…

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