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Flexform sofas

If you are looking for a large and roomy sofa, comfortable and made with high quality materials, CENTROFORME is the ideal store to find it.

CENTROFORME has a wide range of sofas of the Flexform brand, a company known internationally and operating in the furniture industry since the '70s; today it is a reference point for all those seeking exclusivity and quality in the sofa of their choice.The style of the sofas is contemporary, with essential lines and without excesses.

Flexform modular sofas are unique and immediately recognizable by their large and spacious shapes and by the cozy islands that have become synonymous with the comfort levels achieved by this Italian brand's output.

The materials used are innovative and of the highest quality. Leathers, fabrics, veneers and metals are carefully selected according to strict requirements. Every detail is warranted by choices that leave nothing to chance: the feathers used to stuff the cushions to make them famously comfy, the softness of the upholstery and the durability of the frame.
A durable product is also a sustainable product. The sofas are all made according to the latest developments in materials and processing techniques that respect the environment and animal welfare.

Excellence becomes beauty. A beauty that never fades and which elevates all Flexform furnishings to hallmarks of Italian design in the world.

Design icons in the world of sofas

The collection of modular sofas is suited to all contemporary tastes, spaces and uses. In fact, all it takes is to play with the various seats available and you can achieve a sofa customized for your own ambiance, without having to give up on comfort and good taste.

The undisputed best seller is Groundpiece, a modular sofa created by designer Antonio Citterio. This item has changed our way of sitting on a sofa: the seat is deep and low, the cushions are very large and airy. An important, yet also informal, sofa that is welcoming and relaxing, suitable for today's uses.
A distinctive sign that makes this sofa unique is the presence of armrests that can be transformed into storage units, thus turning into handy shelves and bedside units.

It is impossible not to mention the famous Soft Dream sofa, whose distinctive feature is the possibility of choosing different heights from the ground, thus obtaining maximum comfort, to satisfy every need. Versatile, flexible and multi-faceted, this sofa can be deep or very deep, with high or low armrests. All this to make it a cozy, relaxing and dreamy sofa.

Among the Brand's icons, especially noteworthy is Cestone, a sofa that stands out for its sides and back made with large strips of cowhide, woven in a broad pattern on a metal structure that evokes the wicker basket, a truly timeless item. Made to be placed in the middle of a room, this sofa will surely not go unnoticed. The aesthetic result is a sophisticated checkerboard: a perfect balance between the stiffness of the lateral intertwining and the soft padding of the chairs.

Adda is one of the most recent additions to the Flexform sofa range. It is a linear component sofa with a clean, contemporary look. Its main feature is a horizontal stitching on the armrest and back cushions that follows and accentuates the natural folds creating by the act of sitting.

Another bestseller is Lifesteel. Characterized by a light frame, upholstered in leather, that allows a comfortable support to the cushions. Highly flexible, like all the other sofas, it creates different compositions according to all kinds of living requirements.

Flexform: luxury furnishings

The company's catalog is made up of products with a contemporary image and clean lines, the result of great stylistic research - carried through by Antonio Citterio - the choice of materials and the impeccable workmanship.

Each product is never conceived on an individual basis; first, the space is contextualized and then a series of compatible and combinable solutions are created. For this reason, each designer is matched up with a whole class of products, defined by Citterio as a "family", precisely because they bear the same style and the same distinctive traits. All this serves to create refined settings, but without the princely pomp, that are unique and enjoyable at all times in everyday life.

Years of experience and improvement have led Flexform to become the ideal supplier for everything related to upholstered furniture for the living area: not only sofas but also armchairs, small armchairs and ottomans made with the same care and craftsmanship. So it comes as no coincidence that the jury of the XXIV Compasso d'Oro Award assigned the honorable mention to the A.B.C.D. armchair, designed by Antonio Citterio, a re-edition of the famous 1996 A.B.C. chair.

Flexform Adda Flexform Adda Sofa with a clean, contemporary look available in two versions - linear or modular. It features a light frame welcomes… Flexform Asolo Flexform Asolo Asolo is a modular sofa with generous and yet balanced proportions guaranteeing maximum comfort and softness of the… Flexform Campiello Flexform Campiello Sofa with clean, uncluttered lines; its seat and back cushions are filled with goose down to magnify the feeling of… Flexform Este Flexform Este Available in two versions, linear or modular, at a first glance this sofa stands out as much for the rich aesthetics of… Flexform Gregory Flexform Gregory The Gregory sofa's bold personality and exquisite proportions reveal sophisticated construction details that place… Flexform Newbridge Flexform Newbridge Balanced proportions combined with soft contours and generous padding make the Newbridge sofa warm and inviting.… Flexform Groundpiece Flexform Groundpiece Groundpiece, was first designed in 2001 and originated from Antonio Citterio's creativity. It is a modular sofa… Flexform Victor Flexform Victor Victor is part of an elegant collection composed of sofas, chaise longue and ottoman and a large modular system. The… Flexform Soft Dream Flexform Soft Dream Soft Dreamis a sofa dating to 2010 designed with the support of Antonio Citterio. It features a metal frame available… Flexform Evergreen Flexform Evergreen Evergreen is part of a collection that includes sofas, sectional sofas, chaise longue and ottomans. It is made with a… Flexform Cestone Flexform Cestone Three-seater sofa Cestone, designed by Antonio Citterio in 2008, is named after its peculiar side covering structure… Flexform Lifesteel Flexform Lifesteel Flexform designed Lifesteel sofa in 2006 and gained extraordinary success thanks to its pure elegance of style. The… Flexform Big Bob Flexform Big Bob Sofa with soft, crisp lines, it has the appeal of a true classic. It stands out for its large padded armrest that can be… Flexform Zeno Flexform Zeno A modular sofa that features a particular arm in metal tubing covered with cowhide, a striking design idea that takes on… Flexform Zeno Light Flexform Zeno Light A modular sofa that features a particular arm in metal tubing covered with cowhide, a striking design idea that takes on… Flexform Long Island Flexform Long Island Antonio Citterio designed Long Island in 2003 as a sofa with enveloping shapes and soft cushions featuring a wooden… Flexform Magnum Flexform Magnum Planned and designed byAntonio Citterio, Magnum features a combined wood and metal frame with polyurethane padding, both… Flexform Beauty Flexform Beauty A remarkably soft modular sofa, entirely upholstered in every part, including the armrests. The wood and metal frame is… Flexform Pleasure Flexform Pleasure Pleasure is a modular sofa with a base made of epoxy-powder enamelled base. Armrests and padding are of moulded… Flexform Wing Flexform Wing Created by Antonio Citterio, Wing is a three-seat sofa from an upholstered furniture collection featuring a number of…

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To make the whole experience of shopping for interiors more comfortable and enjoyable for our customers abroad, we also provide a customized Personal Shopper service: as a prospective purchaser, we will dedicate a whole day to your home decor needs, welcoming you first to our showroom, and then taking you on a tour of the company showrooms of your favorite brands. The service includes all transfers to and from the airport, train station or hotel (limited to the area between Milan and Como).

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