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Flexform armchairs

If you are looking for an armchair to decorate your sitting room or to make your bedroom more cozy, then Flexform armchairs are just the thing for you.

For those who seek an armchair with modern rounded shapes, Abbracci could be the ultimate choice. While its solid walnut or solid natural ash frame denotes strength and sturdiness, on the other hand, its soft seat cushion in polyurethane foam and Dacron, favors extreme comfort and softness.

Among the Flexform armchairs it is impossible not to mention the iconic Guscio armchair, aesthetically unique due to its odd bean-like shape, yet as enveloping and protective as a shell, in which to spend many a peaceful time in a quite sheltered cocoon, enjoying those precious moments of relaxation.
The frame is rigid polyurethane and foam polyurethane. Seat cushion in extra soft down with resilient inner core so as to guarantee the plasticity of the original even after years of long use.

Flexform Alison Flexform Alison Carlo Colombo draws upon Scandinavian design tradition through a completely contemporary lens, creating an armchair with… Flexform Echoes Flexform Echoes Echoes is a small family of seating elements that are inspired by different styles and cultures: warmthy features… Flexform Gatsby Flexform Gatsby The Gatsby armchair embodies the ideal union between technological materials and couture craftsmanship. Its enveloping… Flexform Joyce Flexform Joyce Joyce is the perfect chair for anyone seeking to achieve the perfect balance between modern design details and classic… Flexform Leda Flexform Leda A family of chairs that is neatly balanced between tradition and modernity. They are characterized by the wooden base… Flexform Sveva Flexform Sveva A generously welcoming armchair, whose sophisticated silhouette reveals a shapely polyurethane shell upholstered in… Flexform Tessa Flexform Tessa Tessa is an armchair that belies great craftsmanship. The structure is made entirely of solid ash or turned Canaletto… Flexform Crono Flexform Crono Crono updates and reinterprets the classic 1940s armchair with a structure in solid wood, curved wooden armrests, and… Flexform Boss Flexform Boss Boss armchair, also designed by Antonio Citterio in 2008, is a contemporary revival of past shapes and outlines. It… Flexform Guscio Alto Flexform Guscio Alto Guscio Alto armchair was designed by Antonio Citterio in 2011 and is a combination of different elements, e.g. top… Flexform Feel Good Flexform Feel Good Feel Good, swivel armchair designed by Antonio Citterio, is made of a metal frame with leather or suede covered… Flexform A.B.C.D. Flexform A.B.C.D. A revisited version of the iconic A.B.C. armchair produced in 1996, updated thanks to major technical modifications. The… Flexform Luce Flexform Luce The Luce upholstered armchair suggests a timeless classic taste, made more streamlined and modern by its streamlined… Flexform Thomas Flexform Thomas Thomas is an elegant armchair that looks almost like a big upholstered ottoman with a wooden backrest. Its hallmark is…

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