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Flexform Tables

As well as its famous upholstered furnishings collections, Flexform also offers a large collection of tables for the living area. This range perfectly encapsulates the identity of the brand - as ever firmly rooted in elegance, formal neatness and the continuous research of new shapes and state-of-the-art materials, which arise from a careful experimentation of the new styles of modern-day living.

Each piece is Made in Italy, or (better still) "Made in Meda" - the town where the company is based. In fact, despite being a company of worldwide renown, production has always been firmly rooted in the same place. In every table, chair and sofa, the skillful craftsmanship that distinguishes Italian products is clearly palpable.
The whole supply chain is also proudly Italian. Only selected raw materials enter the company, ready to be transformed into exquisite, lightweight furnishing accessories that give off a sense of warmth and relaxation. The competitive advantage lies in this combination: the excellence of the workforce and the quality of the materials that are carefully wrought together to create certified and guaranteed Design products.

The unique style of all Flexform products means each item is compatible with any other collection piece of the Brand. To this end, Antonio Citterio, an architect with more than 40 years' experience working with Flexform, has developed "Product Families" with a view to setting up an environment with a consistent style for the entire home: one that is contemporary, sober and elegant.

Flexform Contemporary Decor

It features tables and coffee tables with a slim and slender design, available in various sizes, also extendable, and therefore even more suited to meeting customers' most diverse needs.

Among the various proposals, there is Fly, a dining table with a metal base. Simple but practical, it will prove to be a versatile and adaptable table, thanks to its extendable option. Available in burnished, satined or chromed finishes, which contrasts with the solidity of the top in marble or wood, in various veneer finishes.

Soffio is a linear and minimal table. The flat metal leg is the distinctive design feature.‎ With its particular “boomerang” shape it generates an image that is dynamic and never boring. The solid yet light metal base contrasts with the solid wood top, available either in canaletto walnut or ash.

Another best seller is Zefiro. With its light, contemporary edge and tapered cast-aluminum legs, it is an extremely versatile table thanks to the wide range of sizes and materials in which they can be crafted. The tops come in round, square or rectangular shape in a number of different sizes. This is why it can confidently and stylishly furnish any setting, from the most spacious to the most self-contained, enriching the room with the sober elegance typical of the brand.

If you love a sober but elegant style, Flexform tables are definitely the right choice for you.

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Discover our special offers! We offer worldwide delivery of Flexform furniture (European Union, Switzerland, United States, Russia, Turkey, Middle East, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, etc.) with a guaranteed shipping service.

With over forty years' experience in dealing with international clients we are your ideal partner for supplying Flexform furniture as well as for developing a comprehensive home decor project.

Personal Shopper

To make the whole experience of shopping for interiors more comfortable and enjoyable for our customers abroad, we also provide a customized Personal Shopper service: as a prospective purchaser, we will dedicate a whole day to your home decor needs, welcoming you first to our showroom, and then taking you on a tour of the company showrooms of your favorite brands. The service includes all transfers to and from the airport, train station or hotel (limited to the area between Milan and Como).

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