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Riva 1920 tables

For lovers of natural wood furniture: Riva 1920 is a veritable authority in the field of made in Italy wood furnishings and its manufacturing output can be defined as consisting of many a true work of art..

A wide variety of tables is the distinguishing feature of Riva's production output: unique pieces that defy the passing of time while respecting the environment through the natural substances used in the finishing processes.

The name of one of the tables in the Riva collection truly says it all: Natura, featuring an iron supporting base finished with oil and a table top made entirely out of solid wood. It comes in two versions: table top in solid walnut with knots or oak with knots.

The bases of both versions are made of natural untreated iron; these are merely washed with special neutral detergents, then finished with oil.

Any signs of extrusion, marks or small stains on the leg's surface are evidence of the natural processes and materials involved, as such signs are typical of iron forged in blast furnaces, and left untreated and unpainted.

Riva 1920 Bedrock Plank A Riva 1920 Bedrock Plank A Bedrock Plank is a unique and rugged table made of solid walnut wood with 5 cm thick natural edges. Set upon a crude… Riva 1920 Boss Executive Riva 1920 Boss Executive Boss Executive, solid walnut wood table with visible legs passing on the top and manufactured with sectioned tree trunk.… Riva 1920 Calle Riva 1920 Calle Inspired to the Venetian "bricole" or "briccole", frames of two or more tied wooden poles placed in the water to… Riva 1920 Canal Riva 1920 Canal A solid wood table characterized by a practical storage compartment, it features a top with glued slats, square sides… Riva 1920 Darwin Natural Side Riva 1920 Darwin Natural Side Darwin is a table with a solid wood top and natural side panes. The frame is made of natural-coloured iron sheet with… Riva 1920 Decant Riva 1920 Decant Decant is a range of tables and coffee table with either square or round tops, the top is in solid oak slats. The… Riva 1920 In punta di piedi Riva 1920 In punta di piedi Table characterized by a top in solid wood, in glued slats with squared sides, supported by two trestle legs and two… Riva 1920 Incucina Riva 1920 Incucina Table with sculptural design, made of a solid oak cantilevered wooden board with natural edges. Designer: Marc Sadler… Riva 1920 Mesa Riva 1920 Mesa Table characterized by a solid wood top with glued boards with rounded edges; it is paired with a rigid base with… Riva 1920 Miya Riva 1920 Miya Table made entirely in solid wood, marked by a round top with glued slats. The top is supported by two strong legs with… Riva 1920 Natura Riva 1920 Natura Natura, table with an oil finished iron base and solid wood top is available in two versions, i.e. solid walnut wood… Riva 1920 Newton Riva 1920 Newton Newton, elegant and simple table with a 4,8 cm thick top of solid wood fits both modern and country style of furniture.… Riva 1920 Pandanus Riva 1920 Pandanus Round table made entirely of solid wood with glued slats. Its main feature is the central, turned base in cedar wood in… Riva 1920 Prime Ext Riva 1920 Prime Ext Table available in both fixed and extendable version, which stands out for an innovative and technological system, with… Riva 1920 Sky Natura Natural Side Riva 1920 Sky Natura Natural Side This table features a solid wood top and 4 cm thick natural side panes. Available in either oak wood or American walnut…

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