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Flexform tables

Besides its famous collections of upholstered furniture, Flexform also offers a line of tables for the living room area. Needless to say, it contains all the essential elements confirming its brand identity: based as always on elegance and on the ongoing search for new forms and materials, which are born form meticulous experimental work on the new styles of modern living

Tables and coffee tables with a slim and slender look come in various sizes, also extensible, so as to suit even the most different needs.

Among the various proposals we find Fly, a table with a slender metal frame, available in polished, satin or chrome, which creates a refined contrast with the sturdiness of the table top in marble or veneer in various wood varieties and finishes.

If your style is sober but elegant then Flexform tables are definitely up your street.

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Flexform Spello Spello

The Spello table, whose source of inspiration is brutalism, spells unmistakable personality. It stands out for its…

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Flexform Zefiro Zefiro

Dining tables and smaller tables driven by the theme of lightness, featuring a slim central leg made of metal and tops…

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Flexform Gipsy Gipsy

A range of tables belonging to a wider collection whose common feature is the particular structure in solid wood and…

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Flexform Fly Fly

Don't let the slim look of Fly tables cheat you, as the slender design hides a metal frame available with stained,…

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Flexform Giano Giano

The Giano tables belong to a broader family with the common feature of having a warm base in different types of wood,…

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Flexform Tindari Tindari

With their distinctively intriguing, precious weave of cowhide cord wrapping the rounded frame in metal tubes, the…

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Discover our special offers! We offer worldwide delivery of Flexform furniture (European Union, Switzerland, United States, Russia, Turkey, Middle East, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, etc.) with a guaranteed shipping service.

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Personal Shopper

To make the whole experience of shopping for interiors more comfortable and enjoyable for our customers abroad, we also provide a customized Personal Shopper service: as a prospective purchaser, we will dedicate a whole day to your home decor needs, welcoming you first to our showroom, and then taking you on a tour of the company showrooms of your favorite brands. The service includes all transfers to and from the airport, train station or hotel (limited to the area between Milan and Como).

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