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Riva 1920 furniture

From 1989 onward, a single, unswerving principle has guided Riva1920's work: to manufacture furniture conceived by great designers, using only solid wood from sustainable forests and natural finishes to create a natural home suffused with the scents of wood, oils and wax, and offer you a completely Italian made product.

Kauri, millennial wood

Millennial Kauri is regarded as the rarest wood variety in the world since it is available only in a restricted area of New Zealand and despite its millennial life under the mud, once extracted it is not petrified nor rotten but as easily malleable as freshly chopped timber.

Its extraordinary feature is that it is extracted from the soil. In fact, these enormous trees, whose trunk can reach 5/6 metres, were torn down by huge catastrophes and remained buried under the mud for 50.000 years.

Exported from New Zealand to Europe by The WoodMine, Kauri can come back to life and become a timeless work of art through the skilled manufacture of Riva 1920.

The WoodMine is in responsible for digging out, sorting and cutting the wood pieces, Riva 1920 cares for the rest of the process, i.e. manufacture and distribution of prestige furniture with the cooperation of the best designers in the world, e.g. Renzo Piano, Pininfarina, Thun and Norman Foster, to name but a few.

Find out more about Riva 1920 products: tables, sideboard, furnishings, chairs, coffee tables, sofas, bookshelves, stools, armchairs, kitchens, wardrobes.

Discover the Riva 1920 products

Riva 1920 Avant & Avant Open Riva 1920 Avant & Avant Open A wardrobe system in which space is organized through structural modules that are combined in various development… Riva 1920 Bedrock Plank A Riva 1920 Bedrock Plank A Bedrock Plank is a unique and rugged table made of solid walnut wood with 5 cm thick natural edges. Set upon a crude… Riva 1920 Biblio Riva 1920 Biblio Biblio is a flexible and versatile bookcase made up of modular sides and shelves and resting on a plinth. The bookcase… Riva 1920 Boss Executive Riva 1920 Boss Executive Boss Executive, solid walnut wood table with visible legs passing on the top and manufactured with sectioned tree trunk.… Riva 1920 Bredley&Brian Riva 1920 Bredley&Brian Small table in solid wood characterized by a top with glued slats and supported by three legs. The finishing is based… Riva 1920 Calle Riva 1920 Calle Inspired to the Venetian "bricole" or "briccole", frames of two or more tied wooden poles placed in the water to… Riva 1920 Cambusa glass Riva 1920 Cambusa glass Multi-functional storage unit with double glass door, retracted plinth and drawers assembled with dovetails joints and… Riva 1920 Cambusa Wine Jumbo Riva 1920 Cambusa Wine Jumbo A multifunctional storage unit by Riva 1920, Cambusa Wine offers several options for use depending on the ambience:… Riva 1920 Canal Riva 1920 Canal A solid wood table characterized by a practical storage compartment, it features a top with glued slats, square sides… Riva 1920 Darwin Natural Side Riva 1920 Darwin Natural Side Darwin is a table with a solid wood top and natural side panes. The frame is made of natural-coloured iron sheet with… Riva 1920 De Kauri Riva 1920 De Kauri A freestanding enclosed bathroom vanity inspired by the traditional Italian credenza that brings design and… Riva 1920 Decant Riva 1920 Decant Decant is a range of tables and coffee table with either square or round tops, the top is in solid oak slats. The… Riva 1920 Duo Riva 1920 Duo Stool made from a single block of aromatic cedar, hand-finished without the addition of any treatment, that stands out… Riva 1920 Ellisse Riva 1920 Ellisse Stool made from a single block of scented cedar wood, hand-finished without the addition of any treatment. Thanks to its… Riva 1920 Etrurio Riva 1920 Etrurio Stool inspired by the characteristic shape of Etruscan vases, and made in a single block of solid, aromatic cedar,… Riva 1920 Grangusto Riva 1920 Grangusto An oversize semi-professional kitchen in solid wood and plywood, whose main attraction is the central island made with a… Riva 1920 Heritage Riva 1920 Heritage Modular sofa characterized by solid wood base and soft cushioning with high-quality fabrics and stitching. Designer:… Riva 1920 In punta di piedi Riva 1920 In punta di piedi Table characterized by a top in solid wood, in glued slats with squared sides, supported by two trestle legs and two… Riva 1920 Incucina Riva 1920 Incucina Table with sculptural design, made of a solid oak cantilevered wooden board with natural edges. Designer: Marc Sadler… Riva 1920 Inkline Riva 1920 Inkline Sideboard in solid wood and multilayer, characterized by rounded sides and tops that surround the two rows of drawers,… Riva 1920 Iron High Riva 1920 Iron High Iron High is a sideboard made of blockboard and plywood, its hinged double door fronts and drawers are assembled with… Riva 1920 Iron Low Riva 1920 Iron Low Iron Low is a sideboard made of blockboard and plywood, its hinged side doors and drawers are assembled with dovetail… Riva 1920 Kyoto Riva 1920 Kyoto Kyoto, storage unit with multiple drawers assembled with dovetail joints shows a great convenience as its distinctive… Riva 1920 Maoli Riva 1920 Maoli Divano modulare caratterizzato da struttura in legno massello che sostiene schienale, seduta e braccioli imbottiti e… Riva 1920 Mesa Riva 1920 Mesa Table characterized by a solid wood top with glued boards with rounded edges; it is paired with a rigid base with… Riva 1920 Miya Riva 1920 Miya Table made entirely in solid wood, marked by a round top with glued slats. The top is supported by two strong legs with… Riva 1920 Natura Riva 1920 Natura Natura, table with an oil finished iron base and solid wood top is available in two versions, i.e. solid walnut wood… Riva 1920 Newton Riva 1920 Newton Newton, elegant and simple table with a 4,8 cm thick top of solid wood fits both modern and country style of furniture.… Riva 1920 Noblè Riva 1920 Noblè An armchair with a solid wood structure; its lines give life to a relaxed and informal chair. The expert carpentry… Riva 1920 Pandanus Riva 1920 Pandanus Round table made entirely of solid wood with glued slats. Its main feature is the central, turned base in cedar wood in… Riva 1920 Piano Riva 1920 Piano Line of drawers units and bedside tables for the bedroom of the "Piano Design", Piano is a multi-functional unit with… Riva 1920 Pimpinella Riva 1920 Pimpinella Pimpinella, with soft and refined lines, is designed to provide a concept of lightness despite manufactured with rugged… Riva 1920 Pinocchio My Book Riva 1920 Pinocchio My Book A container inspired by the character of Pinocchio, it represents a journey in pursuit of creativity and imagination.… Riva 1920 Prime Ext Riva 1920 Prime Ext Table available in both fixed and extendable version, which stands out for an innovative and technological system, with… Riva 1920 Rialto Riva 1920 Rialto Delivered with the scope of using the poles of the Venetian briccole as recycled material to re-invent creative and… Riva 1920 Rivar Riva 1920 Rivar Sideboard characterized by sinuous and rounded lines that recall the shape of the Klip desk. Made in solid wood and… Riva 1920 Shedar Riva 1920 Shedar Shedar, a chair entirely made of solid wood and with distinct lines, fits different style of furniture solutions thanks… Riva 1920 Sky Natura Natural Side Riva 1920 Sky Natura Natural Side This table features a solid wood top and 4 cm thick natural side panes. Available in either oak wood or American walnut… Riva 1920 Sparacuori Riva 1920 Sparacuori This stool is the stylised representation of a revolver drum that "shoots read hearts" instead of bullets. Each piece… Riva 1920 Stump Riva 1920 Stump Small table completely made of a cross head-cut section of a solid kauri log, the ancient wood from New Zealand. This…

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