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Poltrona Frau Pillow Poltrona Frau Pillow Pillow is an innovative armchair based on a sober and refined design through which Poltrona Frau offers its new version… Poltrona Frau Mamy Blue Poltrona Frau Mamy Blue Armchair designed for relaxation and reading, it is characterized by rounded shapes enhanced with the expert use of… Poltrona Frau Vanity Fair Poltrona Frau Vanity Fair Vanity Fair definitely means modern armchair, a clone of the famous model 904, designed by Poltrona Frau in 1939 and… Poltrona Frau Scarlett Poltrona Frau Scarlett A sofa which is also a chaise-longue and whose generous and welcoming image is an open invitation to rest and… Poltrona Frau 1919 Poltrona Frau 1919 An armchair that reinterprets the classic Bergere model, which adds hand crafted diamond shaped tufting to the backrest… Poltrona Frau Lyra Poltrona Frau Lyra Poltrona Frau launched this product far back as 1935, but it still looks very modern. Lyra armchair stands out for its… Poltrona Frau Ming's Heart Poltrona Frau Ming's Heart Designed by Taiwan-based designer Shi-Chieh Lu with the aim of encouraging the cultural exchange between the East and… Poltrona Frau Aida Poltrona Frau Aida An armchair whose soft and graceful volumes evoke the inner whorl of a flower, in fact its armrests open and curve… Poltrona Frau Don'do Poltrona Frau Don'do The Don'do is a re-imagining of the classic rocking chair - traditional craftsmanship is applied to modern design.… Poltrona Frau Nivola Poltrona Frau Nivola The Nivola armchair and sofa with their streamlined and light design are bound by a compact and rounded seat with simple… Poltrona Frau Ginger Poltrona Frau Ginger A rugged and comfortable shell featuring a refined simplicity: this is Ginger, an armchair designed by Roberto Lazzeroni… Poltrona Frau Montera Poltrona Frau Montera A chair that embodies the style of its older brethren "Ginger" and "Fred" through the lightness of form and, above all,… Poltrona Frau Louise Poltrona Frau Louise The chair has a clean and discreet design, characterized by measured shapes, and is the ideal complement to add in every… Poltrona Frau Vittoria Poltrona Frau Vittoria A chair characterized by the peculiarity of having an unusual back which finishes in an elegant swirl, and by its… Poltrona Frau Le Spighe Poltrona Frau Le Spighe A revolving stool with great charm, made with materials and finishes that have been chosen for their durability.… Poltrona Frau Alo Poltrona Frau Alo An ergonomic stool with a decidedly contemporary design characterized by sinuous and dynamic lines. The comfortable… Poltrona Frau Bolero Poltrona Frau Bolero Table with an essential design made with a solid wood structure and featuring an original tapered triangular section and… Poltrona Frau Nabucco Poltrona Frau Nabucco With Nabucco, the artisan cabinet work merges with cutting-edge milling technologies. Advanced, complex wood-working… Poltrona Frau Bob Poltrona Frau Bob An elegant and practical coffee table that blends highly desirable materials to obtain a simple yet striking beauty.… Poltrona Frau Fiorile Poltrona Frau Fiorile A coffee table characterized by soft lines and smoothed corners, and the tripod base version recalls the sleek design of…

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To make the whole experience of shopping for interiors more comfortable and enjoyable for our customers abroad, we also provide a customized Personal Shopper service: as a prospective purchaser, we will dedicate a whole day to your home decor needs, welcoming you first to our showroom, and then taking you on a tour of the company showrooms of your favorite brands. The service includes all transfers to and from the airport, train station or hotel (limited to the area between Milan and Como).

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