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Poltrona Frau JohnJohn Poltrona Frau JohnJohn A casual and elegant bed whose large and comfortable headboard cushions evoke the characteristic backrest of the sofa in… Poltrona Frau Bluemoon Poltrona Frau Bluemoon A bed whose soft, feminine lines naturally bring together the past and the contemporary. On the headboard,… Poltrona Frau Fidelio notte Poltrona Frau Fidelio notte A collection for the sleeping area featuring deliberately lean design and precious materials that comprises a chest of… Poltrona Frau Obi Poltrona Frau Obi A complete and adaptable storage system, consisting of two bedside tables, a spacious dresser and a seven-drawer chest.… Poltrona Frau Più Notte Poltrona Frau Più Notte A family of furnishings distinguished by their simple geometry therefore perfectly suitable to all kinds of interiors:… Poltrona Frau Le Lampade Poltrona Frau Le Lampade Lamps in which both design and craftsmanship come together to give life to unique works of art. The rigour and… Poltrona Frau CEO Cube Poltrona Frau CEO Cube The CEO Cube series features clear-cut geometric design that blends with premium materials, from the noble Frau leather,… Poltrona Frau H_O Poltrona Frau H_O These elegant and refined desks are characterized by very thick tops and by asymmetrical supporting columns: on one side… Poltrona Frau Jobs Poltrona Frau Jobs A series designed for the executive office, consisting of desks, furniture and boardroom tables. The desks come in three… Poltrona Frau Downtown Poltrona Frau Downtown Office swivel chairs that are also elegant, sophisticated and sensual. A high-quality professional chair, handcrafted by… Poltrona Frau Chancellor Poltrona Frau Chancellor A collection of sober, geometrical office chairs with a strong scenic presence in the workplace. The arms that continue… Poltrona Frau Oxford Poltrona Frau Oxford Office armchair with classical, traditional lines, its design calls to mind the high-prestige chairs typical of early… Poltrona Frau Brief Poltrona Frau Brief An innovative office chair, with anatomically-designed seat, arm and backrest, adapting to suit the size and height of… Poltrona Frau Forum Poltrona Frau Forum A collection of office armchairs, suggesting a revival of classic forms and details typical of Poltrona Frau's… Poltrona Frau Cockpit Ferrari Poltrona Frau Cockpit Ferrari A chair that brings together two brands and two industrial philosophies to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the famous…

CENTROFORME is your official Poltrona Frau dealer

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With over forty years' experience in dealing with international clients we are your ideal partner for supplying Poltrona Frau furniture as well as for developing a comprehensive home decor project.

Personal Shopper

To make the whole experience of shopping for interiors more comfortable and enjoyable for our customers abroad, we also provide a customized Personal Shopper service: as a prospective purchaser, we will dedicate a whole day to your home decor needs, welcoming you first to our showroom, and then taking you on a tour of the company showrooms of your favorite brands. The service includes all transfers to and from the airport, train station or hotel (limited to the area between Milan and Como).

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