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Poliform Phoenix


Poliform's style and elegance are exquisitely represented by this kitchen project, characterized by an essential design and pure geometrical forms, in which key solid shapes explore new aesthetic possibilities for a kitchen characterized by an original recess handle design.

Phoenix comes to life through a delicate balance achieved through a clean, essential look that is pleasing to the eye with the quality of its materials, pleasing to touch, making the kitchen area comfortable and welcoming as well.

A collection designed for everyday living: this is borne out both by the versatility of the original compositions, featuring a practical layout that is perfectly suited to homes where there is an open design looking over the dining area, and by the functionality of its technological solutions.

Phoenix can easily meet all sorts of requirements thanks to its wide range of finishes and sleek color palettes..

Designer: R&D Poliform (2014)

Delivery time: 6 - 8 weeks

Brands: Poliform
Tipology: Kitchens

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