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Established in 1970 as the evolution of a small artisan workshop dating back to 1942, Poliform has strong roots in the territory of Brianza, a territory that was able to preserve its values and traditions.

The original three partners, who still head the company today, successfully blended specific technical expertise and know-how with an entrepreneurial approach. Poliform has been heavily involved in realizations of the highest standard like London's West End Quay, the Presidential Chambers of the Clinton Library in Little Rock and the Palmolive Building in Chicago

Another contribution to the Company's growth is the ongoing collaboration with world-renowned designers and architects; important personalities who have always ensured the Brand's steady rise to fame:: Rodolfo Dordoni, Jean-Marie Massaud, Marcel Wanders, Carlo Colombo, Paolo Piva, Paola Navone, Roberto Lazzeroni.

Today Poliform is an industry leader in the international furniture sector. This is because it has not only successfully maintained as a distinctive element a strong contemporary feel, with its proven ability to foreshadow the tastes and needs of a varied clientele while anticipating and interpreting contemporary living trends; it has also stood by its commitment to continuous research into quality and innovation. The materials used are carefully selected to guarantee an excellent aesthetic result along with reliability over time. Each product is tried and tested to guarantee safety, maximum perfection and solidity.

The extensive Poliform collection includes furnishings designed for each area of the house; in fact, the offer ranges from simple containers to bookcases, wardrobes, beds, sofas and tables. The Varenna Cucine brand became part of the Poliform reality in 1996 and in 2006 the first collection of Poliform upholstered furniture was rolled out.

A comprehensive and stylistically consistent output in each of its components, a global project capable of adapting to any environment and situation thanks to the versatility of its modular systems.

Sustainable furnishings and accessories

Four key components have always been embedded into Poliform's manufacturing culture: design, in the company's unwavering commitment to meeting the end customer's needs; technology, to guarantee a finished product of the highest quality; materials, to establish the high aesthetic factor that distinguishes the collection; reliability, so that every proposal successfully performs its function over time.

Furthermore, a key concept for the company's philosophy is socially relevant activity. For many years Poliform has been particularly committed to protecting the environment in its quest for sustainable development, e.g. in its use of materials from FSC certified suppliers with low environmental impact.

Also with regard to the care it puts into tending to individual needs, whether they relate to persons or the community as a whole, Poliform seeks to interpret the different aspirations, coordinating a series of initiatives aimed at improving the standard of living inside and outside the company. As evidence of this commitment, every year the company offers a select number of young students the opportunity to carry out an internship at its facilities, thereby supporting the educational mission of the schools.

Poliform Design Icons

The range of Poliform furnishings embraces every area of the home, in an effort to create settings that are both consistent and elegant. You will find Tables, Chairs, Sofas, Armchairs, Furnishings and Kitchens, all with a wide variety of finishes to best suit every taste and context. Among the Poliform Best Sellers we stock:
The modular Bristol sofa featuring broad, soft and comfortable shapes, with a wrap-around double backrest cushion.
The Concorde table, an elegant and modern dining table in robust solid wood. Its perfect match is the Grace chair, upholstered in fabric or leather, it is suited to contemporary tastes, and can be inserted in elegant living rooms adding both style and refinement.
Among the armchairs, Ventura Lounge stands out for its enveloping, fluid and sensual shapes combined with an upholstered comfort and refinement for the creation of the perfect lounge armchair.

Find out more about Poliform products: sideboard, tables, chairs, beds, armchairs, sofas, kitchens, bookshelves, furnishings, wardrobes, mirrors, coffee tables, stools.

Discover the Poliform products

Poliform Alea Poliform Alea Reducing any functional unit to its essential shape yet keeping top usefulness. This was the target of Paolo Piva when… Poliform Artex Poliform Artex Volumes reduced to the minimum and wide surfaces indentify Artex, designed by Paolo Piva and CR&S Poliform. It is a… Poliform Code Poliform Code The Code sideboard collection completes Poliform's Code furnishing system. As with the living room furnishings, the… Poliform Code Poliform Code Code is a versatile system that offers unprecedented freedom of design. Conceived for the contemporary living room, it… Poliform Ego Poliform Ego The Ego wardrobe designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Poliform is defined by its lightness and transparency thanks to its… Poliform Gentleman Collection Poliform Gentleman Collection Designed for luxurious support by Marcel Wanders, this seating collection is characterized by an upright, contoured high… Poliform Henry Poliform Henry The Henry dining table is an extendable dining table that evolves from the coffee table bearing the same name, designed… Poliform Home Hotel Poliform Home Hotel The Home Hotel collection by Poliform consists of a series of discretely elegant sideboards in different sizes,… Poliform Jacqueline Poliform Jacqueline Jacqueline by Poliform is a bed that combines design and comfort with strong individuality. The bed is characterized by… Poliform Kay Lounge Poliform Kay Lounge Kay Lounge is an elegant, lightweight and essential chair that fits perfectly, both on its own or in a pair, as well as… Poliform Kelly Poliform Kelly Containers for the sleeping area whose sinuous and delicate lines evokes a sense of weightless, sophisticated elegance.… Poliform Matrix Poliform Matrix Large, elegant and marked this is how Matrix stands out as kitchen with a strong personality, yet with a simple design.… Poliform Mondrian Poliform Mondrian This dining table embodies all the characteristics of the Mondrian collection: lightness, minimalism, and elegance. The… Poliform My Planet Poliform My Planet A bright and fresh style characterises My Planet kitchen designed to retrieve the pleasure of simplicity and personal… Poliform Nara Poliform Nara Nara is a collection of coffee tables, available in two different sizes, which emphasise and embellish living spaces… Poliform Phoenix Poliform Phoenix Poliform's style and elegance are exquisitely represented by this kitchen project, characterized by an essential design… Poliform Plus Poliform Plus The strong point of this Poliform wardrobe with Plus cabinet door is its versatility: the wide range of finishes and… Poliform Saint Germain Poliform Saint Germain Saint-Germain is a modular system of sofas and upholstery elements with sinuous and sensual shapes. An enveloping and… Poliform Twelve Poliform Twelve Absolute essentiality for Twelve, a contemporary kitchen marked by minimal aesthetics. Thin (12 mm) horizontal lines,… Poliform Wall System Poliform Wall System Wall System is a modular system designed that redefines the concept of the living area, firmly placing the bookcase as a… Poliform Westside Poliform Westside Westside is a multifunctional sofa that can be modelled in such a way as to create all kinds of comfortable… Poliform Westside Poliform Westside The Westside coffee table collection stands out for its clean and essential lines. Different shapes and sizes may either… Poliform Audrey Poliform Audrey Audrey is an elegant and modern mirror with a black elm frame. Available in two varieties of glass, reflecting bronzed… Poliform Bellport Poliform Bellport Bellport is a collection of sofas devised to recreate the bright and sprightly atmosphere of the famous New York State… Poliform Bristol Poliform Bristol Bristol, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, is a sofa that combines a rounded line with embracing comfort. Thanks to its… Poliform Creek Poliform Creek Creek is a collection of collection of freely matching coffee tables and furnishings. Consisting of two overlapping… Poliform Jane Large Poliform Jane Large Jane Large is a generously proportioned armchair, distinguished by a low backrest and by the upholstered seat in… Poliform Jane Lounge Poliform Jane Lounge The Jane collection by Emmanuel Gallina is embellished with new components with the aim of providing even more comfort… Poliform Kelly imbottito Poliform Kelly imbottito Kelly is a double bed that is characterized by a wooden structure and its fluid and delicate curves. Also worthy of note… Poliform Kensington Poliform Kensington Kensington is a wooden table boasting impressive proportions, sober and profoundly sculptural thanks to its typical "art… Poliform Mondrian Poliform Mondrian A sofa with essential lines and total compositional freedom in mind, to be combined with a wide range of accessories:… Poliform Nara Poliform Nara Nara is a collection of furnishings that includes: stool, bedside table or side table. Nara emphasises and embellishes… Poliform Park Uno Poliform Park Uno Park Uno is a bed that manages to combine the extreme wideness of the headboard with an image of great lightness,… Poliform Sophie Poliform Sophie After the celebrated Grace, one of Poliform's iconic seats, comes her direct "descendant" Sophie another… Poliform Stanford Bridge Poliform Stanford Bridge A new model has been added to the Stanford seating collection: Stanford Bridge, an armchair that is characterized by a… Poliform Shanghai Poliform Shanghai The design ability of Carlo Colombo provides Shangai, a modular sofa featuring a modern and essential style. Its modular… Poliform Dune Poliform Dune Pure shapes, solid thickness and wide size define the look of Dune, a sofa by Carlo Colombo originally interpreting the… Poliform Paris-Seoul Poliform Paris-Seoul Designed by J.M.Massuad for Poliform, Paris-Seoul is a collection of large and cosy sofas. Besides seating facilities,… Poliform Mad Queen Poliform Mad Queen A low armchair with an embracing seat and soft lines that joins the ranks of the collection inaugurated in 2013 with Mad… Poliform Santa Monica Poliform Santa Monica Basic design, comfort and relax are the distinguishing characters of Santa Monica armchair. Designer Jean-Marie Massaud…

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