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Riva 1920 Biblio Riva 1920 Biblio

Biblio is a flexible and versatile bookcase made up of modular sides and shelves and resting on a plinth. The bookcase…

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Gallotti&Radice Brera Gallotti&Radice Brera

Minimalist, modular wall shelving system with satin nickel-plated brass vertical supports. Its real strong point is the…

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Gallotti&Radice Drizzle Gallotti&Radice Drizzle

A shelving system characterized by a play of vertical aluminum elements acting as a frame and supporting the glass tops.…

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Gallotti&Radice Isola Gallotti&Radice Isola

A simple but decidedly contemporary shelving system with glass supporting sides and brass satin shelves. The bright…

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Gallotti&Radice Navigli Gallotti&Radice Navigli

A wall shelving system with hand burnished copper structure and shelves. The hand burnished copper finish makes each…

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Riva 1920 Pinocchio My Book Riva 1920 Pinocchio My Book

A container inspired by the character of Pinocchio, it represents a journey in pursuit of creativity and imagination.…

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Gallotti&Radice Tortona Gallotti&Radice Tortona

A design project that adds a new function to the classic shelving system: it is an element that redefines the…

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Flexform Infinity Flexform Infinity

A bookcase/storage system in enameled metal, with elegant, essential lines, consisting of a few closed and freely…

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Poliform Wall System Poliform Wall System

A highly original and most sophisticated wall unit that defines the living area through a modular supporting side…

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Poliform Sintesi Poliform Sintesi

Sintesi is a modular system for the living area, based on the unlimited combination of a wide range of elements:…

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Poliform Quid Poliform Quid

Wall system that stands out for its superior level of styling originality, sophisticated details and attractive…

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Poliform Skip Poliform Skip

The bookcase is a project that offers an exceptional variety of modular solutions that can be freely positioned and…

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Poltrona Frau Albero Poltrona Frau Albero

Formally associated with the Neoliberty period and, in terms of product type, to the floor-to-ceiling bookcase systems…

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