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Flexform Infinity


A bookcase/storage system in enameled metal, with elegant, essential lines, consisting of a few closed and freely stackable modules fastened together by a simple, invisible steel bolt. The units give rise to infinite compositional possibilities, generating an always varied checkerboard of empty and full segments, for extreme personalization.

The lightly freestanding structure houses elegant cowhide baskets with lateral grips, easy to slide out of the shelves, perfect for storing objects.

The success of this Flexform icon that "erases the container and brings out the content" stems from its versatility, achieved through the variable, free configurations of overlapping forms and the unusual contrast of metal and cowhide in different colors.

Designer: Antonio Citterio

Delivery time: 6 - 8 weeks

Brands: Flexform
Tipology: Bookshelves

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