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Tables by Sovet Italia

Brands: Sovet Italia
Tipology: Tables

Sovet Italia Slim Slim

Slim is a dining table from the collection by the same name, which is characterized by an essential design that conveys…

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Sovet Italia Lambda Lambda

This table has been inspired by the dynamism of a moving element, like the ribbon of a gymnast that vaults in the air…

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Sovet Italia Frog Frog

This dining table possesses the distinguishing feature of being created by shaping and bending a single glass sheet. By…

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Sovet Italia Cross Cross

Dining table whose bold design features a twin "X-shaped" metal frame that supports a table top available in glass or…

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Sovet Italia Aikido Aikido

This dining table is designed to stand out as the center point of the room in which it is located, thanks to its strong…

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Sovet Italia Totem Totem

A round table featuring a stainless steel or lacquered metal base that is paired with a top available in glass, wood,…

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Sovet Italia Flute Flute

A round dining table whose light and elegant design recalls the stemmed glass that has inspired its creators and whose…

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Sovet Italia Valencia Valencia

A dining table with an unmistakable design, made of a transparent curved glass base and a tempered glass or wood top…

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Sovet Italia Toronto Toronto

A classy, visually bold, modern dining table with a veneered wooden frame and structure supporting the top: a lacquered…

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Sovet Italia Party Party

Elegant dining table with a timeless, minimalist style. Its uniqueness lies in the two circular curved glass bases that…

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Sovet Italia Doge Doge

Large size table ideal for furnishing of executive boardrooms as well as particularly exclusive dining rooms. It…

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Sovet Italia Regolo Regolo

This table features multiple compositional options thanks to the ever-new combinations of different shapes and…

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Sovet Italia Order Order

A simple and elegant table/desk, crafted by bending a single glass sheet. This highly specialized treatment ensures that…

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Sovet Italia Palace Palace

A modern dining table with an imposing character thanks to a bold, strong metal base. The table top is available in…

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Sovet Italia Slim office Slim office

An elegant and functional home or office desk whose frame and legs are made from aluminium. The tempered glass top is…

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Sovet Italia Jean Jean

Contemporary and lightweight dining table from the Jean collection featuring a tempered glass top and triangular-shaped…

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