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Poliform furnishings for the Elle Decor Grand Hotel project


During the Fall Design Week 2018, on 5 October, the "Elle Decor Grand Hotel - Invisible Rooms" project was opened to the public, in the Milanese fashion district, set up in the rooms of Palazzo Morando and signed off by the international studio Neri & Hu.

Now in its third edition, the initiative stems from an idea by Elle Decor Italia, a leading international magazine dedicated to design and new trends, with a view to reflecting on the role of interior design in the culture of contemporary design and calling into question the static concepts surrounding the hospitality industry.

This year the project is focused on the topic of travel and discovery, a theme that is inspired by the famous novel by Italo Calvino "The invisible cities", a seminal work that has accompanied many generations of architects and designers of the last century and today.

Thanks to this input, designers Neri & Hu have successfully recreated, within the historic Milanese palazzo, a truly innovative project, providing the XXI century traveller with different spaces of conviviality, leading viewers to new experiments developed on visual layers, functional and emotional of innovative living concepts.

Poliform, called upon to play an active role in this great project, was wholly responsible for designing the interiors.

The brand therefore contributed by creating the so-called forest-lounge, the nave restaurant for the perfect collective banquet, the voyeur-room and the collector's self-portrait library, finally reaching the courtyard and rediscovering the sky and memory of the city.

The key furnishings displayed in the installation were: the Bristol sofa, the Gaston armchairs and the Artex kitchen, combined with many out-of-scale custom products for a genuine pop-up hotel open to everyone.

Visitors were invited to drop in for a cup of tea or for a newly inspired, classic aperitif or to experiment an innovative menu created for the event, immersed in an atmosphere where Oriental splendor encounters Western reality.

"Elle Decor Grand Hotel" ended on October 21, garnering, as usual, a great deal of success from visitors, aficionados and designers.


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