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Sovet Italia furniture

Originally set up by six master glass-makers, the business was established in the late 1980s. After a few years it was taken over by the current owners and turned into a company that immediately set itself apart for the style and functionality of its products.

In the following years it rose to become one of the main players in the field of designer furniture made in Italy, gaining the status of trendsetter in its market of reference with everyday items such as tables, chairs and furnishing accessories, but whose highly original shapes are truly one-of-a-kind.

The Divetro collection and its successors brought international success, so the Sovet Italia brand came into being, an a number of successful creative partnerships were set up with important furniture designers.

The common denominator of the whole Sovet product line is glass, a minimalist and elegant material that is at its best when skilful craftsmanship succeeds in enhancing its shapes and purity. The Company boasts a long-standing tradition of glass curving, in fact it was among the pioneering manufacturers of wash basins made from curved float glass.

The full product range consists of tables, coffee tables, consoles, chairs, mirrors, furnishings, all made with increasingly sophisticated glass varieties, such as the innovative carbon-treated glass, which is complemented by other materials such as wood, steel, ceramics and aluminum, in a bid to meet the needs of a growing and ever-more demanding market

Sovet also pays special attention to the theme of sustainable growth, by using renewable energy sources in order to achieve the noble goal of energy self-sufficiency for its own manufacturing processes. It is worth bearing in mind that glass (the main raw material in the process) is one of the most renewable materials as it can be fed back into the production cycle an infinite number of times.

Find out more about Sovet Italia products: tables, console tables, mirrors, chairs, furnishings, coffee tables, sideboard, lamps.

Discover the Sovet Italia products

Sovet Italia Arkos Table Sovet Italia Arkos Table The Arkos table is born out of the melding of form and technology: in it we find the aerodynamic lines and curvilinear… Sovet Italia Cadira Chair Sovet Italia Cadira Chair Thanks to its elegantly upholstered body and swivel lacquered metal base, the Cadira Chair combines comfort and… Sovet Italia Slim Sideboard Sovet Italia Slim Sideboard The Slim sideboard finds its rightful place in Sovet's most famous collection. It is characterized by wooden elements… Sovet Italia Traled Lamp Sovet Italia Traled Lamp Traled is a real revolution in the world of lighting. This Sovet Lamp is the result of a shapes reduction to obtain a… Sovet Italia Nest Sovet Italia Nest Display case with veneered wooden structure in two different finishes, which becomes a useful case with a hinged opening… Sovet Italia Nido Sovet Italia Nido A modern console table made with curved glass top supported by slender chrome legs; the two elements merge into a… Sovet Italia Pura Sovet Italia Pura Chair with a simple yet refined design, capable of interpreting different roles both in the home and in the contract… Sovet Italia Regolo Sovet Italia Regolo Coffee table available in three versions: square, round and triangular, available with top in black laminated glass or… Sovet Italia Slim Sovet Italia Slim Slim is a dining table from the collection by the same name, which is characterized by an essential design that conveys… Sovet Italia Visual Sovet Italia Visual A metal-framed mirror characterized by precious finishes and wonderful reflections, capable of adding sophistication to… Sovet Italia Autumn Sovet Italia Autumn This chair stands out for the particular relationship between frame and seat, which in fact appears suspended mid-air.… Sovet Italia Denver Sovet Italia Denver A range of mirrors with edge-to-edge mirror surfaces or with a frame. The bold dimensions of these mirrors personalize… Sovet Italia Lambda Sovet Italia Lambda This table has been inspired by the dynamism of a moving element, like the ribbon of a gymnast that vaults in the air… Sovet Italia Slim Sovet Italia Slim This console table exhibits true minimalist style and conveys great lightness. It consists of aluminium legs, while the… Sovet Italia Slim Sovet Italia Slim A minimalist coffee table in two different heights with aluminium legs and frame. The table top is available in glass,… Sovet Italia Zeta Sovet Italia Zeta This minimalist side table is a unique and highly functional furniture item, cleverly using form and space to offer a… Sovet Italia Bridge Sovet Italia Bridge A coffee table in clear or extralight bent glass from the Bridge table collection that adds the charm and simplicity of… Sovet Italia Dox Sovet Italia Dox This elegant magazine rack boasts crisp, regular lines, made out of bent glass and a lacquered metal contrasting base.… Sovet Italia Frog Sovet Italia Frog This dining table possesses the distinguishing feature of being created by shaping and bending a single glass sheet. By… Sovet Italia Regolo Sovet Italia Regolo A simple geometric design that give rise to a complete collection of tables and furnishing complements created for the… Sovet Italia Sail Sovet Italia Sail These round mirrors are capable of creating amazing visual effects and compositions: thanks to their particular concave… Sovet Italia Two Tone Sovet Italia Two Tone This versatile and comfortable chair features a curved wood frame and a seat covered in fabric or leather-upholstered.… Sovet Italia Bridge Sovet Italia Bridge Console made from a single piece of bent glass available in various finishes that can optionally be fitted with a wooden… Sovet Italia Cross Sovet Italia Cross Dining table whose bold design features a twin "X-shaped" metal frame that supports a table top available in glass or… Sovet Italia Delphi Sovet Italia Delphi Delphi is a modular glass bookcase that creates a sinuous "wave" effect through its trapezoid columns of shelving in… Sovet Italia Genius Sovet Italia Genius Genius is an elegant and charming coffee table with a polished chrome metal base and table top in various materials and… Sovet Italia Horizon Sovet Italia Horizon This mirror is bordered by a lacquered aluminum frame available in two depths, and characterized by a thin molding at… Sovet Italia Aikido Sovet Italia Aikido This dining table is designed to stand out as the center point of the room in which it is located, thanks to its strong… Sovet Italia Gocce Sovet Italia Gocce This series of mirrors boasts soft lines and an irregular yet simple shape reminiscent of water droplets on a leaf.… Sovet Italia Olympia Sovet Italia Olympia Olympia is a versatile furnishing accessory that can be used as a display case, bookcase or cd rack. Designed to… Sovet Italia Quadro Sovet Italia Quadro Square coffee table characterized by a special glass processing that creates a geometric pattern of different shades on… Sovet Italia Silla Sovet Italia Silla A bold and robust dining chair featuring an oval pipe chromed steel structure and shell upholstered in cowhide leather,… Sovet Italia Flute Sovet Italia Flute Designed for maximum comfort and versatility, this chair is the ideal option for your modern seating needs, suitable for… Sovet Italia Ice Rock Sovet Italia Ice Rock This polygon shaped mirror boasts a unique geometric shape that adds depth and brightness to your wall decor, whether in… Sovet Italia Piktor Sovet Italia Piktor A multi-purpose round coffee table whose top is characterized by a distinctive "material glass" finish, achieved through… Sovet Italia Totem Sovet Italia Totem A round table featuring a stainless steel or lacquered metal base that is paired with a top available in glass, wood,… Sovet Italia Endless Sovet Italia Endless This round mirror boasts a simple and functional design and is decorated with a circular engraving that lends it a… Sovet Italia Flute Sovet Italia Flute A round dining table whose light and elegant design recalls the stemmed glass that has inspired its creators and whose… Sovet Italia Nido Sovet Italia Nido A coffee table featuring a curved glass top that joins onto a chromed tubular frame, giving rise to many ever-changing… Sovet Italia Sila Sovet Italia Sila An elegant chair with fine lines, made of a light metal frame that supports a wooden or padded shell, either…

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