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Riva 1920 Iron High Riva 1920 Iron High Iron High is a sideboard made of blockboard and plywood, its hinged double door fronts and drawers are assembled with… Riva 1920 Iron Low Riva 1920 Iron Low Iron Low is a sideboard made of blockboard and plywood, its hinged side doors and drawers are assembled with dovetail… Riva 1920 Kyoto Riva 1920 Kyoto Kyoto, storage unit with multiple drawers assembled with dovetail joints shows a great convenience as its distinctive… Riva 1920 Maoli Riva 1920 Maoli Divano modulare caratterizzato da struttura in legno massello che sostiene schienale, seduta e braccioli imbottiti e… Riva 1920 Mesa Riva 1920 Mesa Table characterized by a solid wood top with glued boards with rounded edges; it is paired with a rigid base with… Riva 1920 Miya Riva 1920 Miya Table made entirely in solid wood, marked by a round top with glued slats. The top is supported by two strong legs with… Riva 1920 Natura Riva 1920 Natura Natura, table with an oil finished iron base and solid wood top is available in two versions, i.e. solid walnut wood… Riva 1920 Newton Riva 1920 Newton Newton, elegant and simple table with a 4,8 cm thick top of solid wood fits both modern and country style of furniture.… Riva 1920 Noblè Riva 1920 Noblè An armchair with a solid wood structure; its lines give life to a relaxed and informal chair. The expert carpentry… Riva 1920 Pandanus Riva 1920 Pandanus Round table made entirely of solid wood with glued slats. Its main feature is the central, turned base in cedar wood in… Riva 1920 Piano Riva 1920 Piano Line of drawers units and bedside tables for the bedroom of the "Piano Design", Piano is a multi-functional unit with… Riva 1920 Pimpinella Riva 1920 Pimpinella Pimpinella, with soft and refined lines, is designed to provide a concept of lightness despite manufactured with rugged… Riva 1920 Pinocchio My Book Riva 1920 Pinocchio My Book A container inspired by the character of Pinocchio, it represents a journey in pursuit of creativity and imagination.… Riva 1920 Prime Ext Riva 1920 Prime Ext Table available in both fixed and extendable version, which stands out for an innovative and technological system, with… Riva 1920 Rialto Riva 1920 Rialto Delivered with the scope of using the poles of the Venetian briccole as recycled material to re-invent creative and… Riva 1920 Rivar Riva 1920 Rivar Sideboard characterized by sinuous and rounded lines that recall the shape of the Klip desk. Made in solid wood and… Riva 1920 Shedar Riva 1920 Shedar Shedar, a chair entirely made of solid wood and with distinct lines, fits different style of furniture solutions thanks… Riva 1920 Sky Natura Natural Side Riva 1920 Sky Natura Natural Side This table features a solid wood top and 4 cm thick natural side panes. Available in either oak wood or American walnut… Riva 1920 Sparacuori Riva 1920 Sparacuori This stool is the stylised representation of a revolver drum that "shoots read hearts" instead of bullets. Each piece… Riva 1920 Stump Riva 1920 Stump Small table completely made of a cross head-cut section of a solid kauri log, the ancient wood from New Zealand. This…

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