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Nanimarquina Tres


Tres is a collection of carpets that reflects the passion of the Nanimarquina brand for craftsmanship, in particular paying tribute to the ancient art of weaving. With this collection, the goal is to recover the basics, appreciate the beauty in the details and respect tradition. Specifically, these are traditional Indian flat-weave Dhurrie rugs.

What sets these carpets apart from others is the production three independent parts in which different yarns play a key role. The proportion and combination of wool, felt and cotton generate changes in tone and irregularity in the weave, bringing the pattern to life. In this collection the weaving structure is almost pedagogically showcased, without fear of revealing the warp. The fringes also help to understand the construction process thus enhancing the differentiation between the three pieces that finally blend together invisibly.

Designer: Elisa Padrón + Nani Marquina

Delivery time: 6 - 8 weeks

Brands: Nanimarquina
Tipology: Furnishings

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