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Nanimarquina Blur


Blur is a collection of rugs based on a sequence of geometric shapes and repetition that are definitive hallmarks of its creators: the Bouroullec brothers. The collection is unprecedented because it offers two different readings. When viewing the rug from afar, an indefinite, unfocused surface is apparent, that gives its name to the collection. Nevertheless, upon approaching the rug, lines and rhythmic rhombuses in different proportions are revealed, in the purest kinetic style. This blurred effect has been achieved by inverting the sense in which the kilims are traditionally woven, which makes the process much more laborious. This change in weaving causes the lines to be blurred, mixing two colours unevenly, creating an intentionally aged rug, reminiscent of the past.

Designer: Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Delivery time: 6 - 8 weeks

Brands: Nanimarquina
Tipology: Furnishings

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