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Poltrona Frau Chester Line Poltrona Frau Chester Line

A contemporary version of one of Poltrona Frau's most iconic pieces, Chester Line presents itself with a stately,…

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Sovet Italia Party Sovet Italia Party

Party is a coffee table whose essential and timeless design make it stand out among other furnishings. Its bases in…

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Flexform Pleasure Flexform Pleasure

Pleasure is a modular sofa with a base made of epoxy-powder enamelled base. Armrests and padding are of moulded…

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Sovet Italia Regolo Sovet Italia Regolo

This table features multiple compositional options thanks to the ever-new combinations of different shapes and…

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Poliform Soori Highline Poliform Soori Highline

An armchair with a contemporary feel combined with a restyled interpretation of familiar shapes from the collective…

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Sovet Italia Order Sovet Italia Order

A simple and elegant table/desk, crafted by bending a single glass sheet. This highly specialized treatment ensures that…

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Poltrona Frau Pillow Poltrona Frau Pillow

Pillow is an innovative armchair based on a sober and refined design through which Poltrona Frau offers its new version…

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Sovet Italia Ring Sovet Italia Ring

This coffee table showcases an original design formed from a single curved sheet of metal. The base of this coffee table…

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Sovet Italia Segment Sovet Italia Segment

A stunning round wall mirror with exquisitely etched lines along the outer edge. These create a particular visual effect…

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Poliform Wallace Poliform Wallace

An armchair highly innovative in design, and especially in its shapes that appear virtual and dreamlike. With its strong…

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Flexform Wing Flexform Wing

Created by Antonio Citterio, Wing is a three-seat sofa from an upholstered furniture collection featuring a number of…

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Poliform Concorde Poliform Concorde

Designed by Emmanuel Gallina, Concorde is a table featuring an essential line enhancing wood as a natural element…

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Flexform Guscio Flexform Guscio

Guscio is a seating system including armchairs, sofas and curved sofas. The frame is made of polyurethane foam while…

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Poltrona Frau Mamy Blue Poltrona Frau Mamy Blue

Armchair designed for relaxation and reading, it is characterized by rounded shapes enhanced with the expert use of…

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Sovet Italia Palace Sovet Italia Palace

A modern dining table with an imposing character thanks to a bold, strong metal base. The table top is available in…

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Sovet Italia Taki Sovet Italia Taki

This elegant and stylish coffee table perfectly embodies the skillful glass bending process, combining the charm of…

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Flexform Crono Flexform Crono

Crono updates and reinterprets the classic 1940s armchair with a structure in solid wood, curved wooden armrests, and…

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Poliform Howard Poliform Howard

A refined and stylish table, made of quality materials. The self-standing structure made of wood and steel contrasts…

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Sovet Italia Shell Sovet Italia Shell

A unique coffee table consisting of a single piece of extra-thick clear or extralight glass created from an exclusive…

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Sovet Italia Slim office Sovet Italia Slim office

An elegant and functional home or office desk whose frame and legs are made from aluminium. The tempered glass top is…

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