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Gallotti&Radice Cubista Gallotti&Radice Cubista

Mirror made of 17 single sections, bevelled and polished by hand, with bright black back-painted glass inserts.…

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Gallotti&Radice Keplero Gallotti&Radice Keplero

Original design and special charm for Keplero, a hand-ground mirror able to create interesting reflections and light…

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Gallotti&Radice Niagara Gallotti&Radice Niagara

Manufactured with oversetting ground crystal layers, Niagara is a mirror whose distinguishing mark is a hand-ground…

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Gallotti&Radice Odette Gallotti&Radice Odette

This elegant and classical series of mirrors available in an array of sizes to be used in sequence or in combination for…

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Gallotti&Radice Sole Gallotti&Radice Sole

Elegance and delicacy define Sole, a round-shaped mirror perfect for any room. The 4 cm chamfered central part…

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Gallotti&Radice Zeiss Gallotti&Radice Zeiss

Series of hand polished mirrors in milled and hand bevelled extralight glass, with a unique and original line. Its…

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Poliform Audrey Poliform Audrey

Audrey is an elegant and modern mirror with a black elm frame. Available in two varieties of glass, reflecting bronzed…

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Sovet Italia Visual Sovet Italia Visual

A metal-framed mirror characterized by precious finishes and wonderful reflections, capable of adding sophistication to…

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Sovet Italia Denver Sovet Italia Denver

A range of mirrors with edge-to-edge mirror surfaces or with a frame. The bold dimensions of these mirrors personalize…

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Sovet Italia Sail Sovet Italia Sail

These round mirrors are capable of creating amazing visual effects and compositions: thanks to their particular concave…

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Sovet Italia Horizon Sovet Italia Horizon

This mirror is bordered by a lacquered aluminum frame available in two depths, and characterized by a thin molding at…

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Sovet Italia Gocce Sovet Italia Gocce

This series of mirrors boasts soft lines and an irregular yet simple shape reminiscent of water droplets on a leaf.…

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Sovet Italia Ice Rock Sovet Italia Ice Rock

This polygon shaped mirror boasts a unique geometric shape that adds depth and brightness to your wall decor, whether in…

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Sovet Italia Endless Sovet Italia Endless

This round mirror boasts a simple and functional design and is decorated with a circular engraving that lends it a…

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Sovet Italia Wave Sovet Italia Wave

Thanks to its wide range of color combinations this mirror is no mere furnishing element, but actually adds character…

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Sovet Italia Lego Sovet Italia Lego

Lego is a geometric wall mirror with a metal panel on the back which allows a 360° rotation. With its original and…

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Sovet Italia Fiordivetro Sovet Italia Fiordivetro

Fiordivetro is a wall mirror whose harmonious design and soft lines recall petals of a newly blossomed flower. It is…

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Sovet Italia Spot Sovet Italia Spot

A bevelled shaped mirror with a polished round edge whose original design lends a touch of lively elegance to any room.…

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Sovet Italia Vertigo Sovet Italia Vertigo

This decorative mirror boldly displays circular engravings along its outer edge, adding depth and visual intrigue to its…

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Sovet Italia Boston Sovet Italia Boston

Boston is a wall mirror that reflects an intense search of simplicity and beauty, while adding brightness, depth and…

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