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Glass furniture by Gallotti & Radice

Back in the 1950s Gallotti & Radice was the first company in Italy to experiment with and promote the conceptual development and practical use of an extraordinary material in the furnishing sector: glass.

Used in all its purity and elegance, but especially combined in a unique and masterly way with other materials such as wood and metal, glass stands out as a strong and refined protagonist in the G&R collection.

The avant-garde look of the design, the elegance of the shapes and above all the particular attention to the product's overall quality and safety has successfully brought the company to successfully establish itself in the domestic and international market, with a carefully selected distribution, targeted at a discerning public.

The rich and varied production range extends from complements to modular walls, from office design to functional and decorative accessories for house furnishings. For an in-depth presentation, see the official catalogues:

Find out more about Gallotti&Radice products: tables, desks, sideboard, mirrors, chairs, lamps, coffee tables, armchairs, console tables, furnishings, bookshelves, sofas, beds.

Discover the Gallotti&Radice products

Gallotti&Radice Adam Gallotti&Radice Adam Simplicity and elegance are the distinguishing characters of Adam table, entirely made of transparent crystal. The… Gallotti&Radice Air Desk Gallotti&Radice Air Desk Elegant and refined, Air Desk, was designed by Pinuccio Borgonovo and is entirely made of 12mm tempered and transparent… Gallotti&Radice Air Unit Gallotti&Radice Air Unit A strong aesthetical impact is the feature of the modular storage system of the Air collection, designed by Pinuccio… Gallotti&Radice Athus Gallotti&Radice Athus Sideboard with a strong and sophisticated character, made from a in black open pore lacquered ash with patinated bronze… Gallotti&Radice Audrey Gallotti&Radice Audrey Swivel armchair with a wooden inner structure, non-deformable polyurethane foam and polyester fiber padding and… Gallotti&Radice Bolle Gallotti&Radice Bolle This elegant suspension lamp is made up of transparent mouth-blown crystal spheres and a hand-burnished brass metal… Gallotti&Radice Bolle tela Gallotti&Radice Bolle tela Bolle is a hanging lamp characterized by 8 spheres in transparent mouth-blown glass joined by hand-burnished brass metal… Gallotti&Radice Brera Gallotti&Radice Brera Minimalist, modular wall shelving system with satin nickel-plated brass vertical supports. Its real strong point is the… Gallotti&Radice Connection Gallotti&Radice Connection This coffee table takes its name from the particular hand-burnished brass base, made of various connections, whose… Gallotti&Radice Cookies Gallotti&Radice Cookies A stunning, simple range of coffee tables with dual finishes: available in a combination of Bianco Statuario and Nero… Gallotti&Radice Cubista Gallotti&Radice Cubista Mirror made of 17 single sections, bevelled and polished by hand, with bright black back-painted glass inserts.… Gallotti&Radice Dama Gallotti&Radice Dama Sculptured coffee tables inspired by the Italian name for the game of checkers. Here, the design plays on… Gallotti&Radice Diantha terra Gallotti&Radice Diantha terra Floor lamp made of mouth blown, painted glass and structured bronzed black metal fittings. Lighting is provided by an… Gallotti&Radice Diedro Gallotti&Radice Diedro The Diedro sideboard features the combination of two contrasting materials: Taba Frisé white wood and Tanganika black… Gallotti&Radice Dolm Gallotti&Radice Dolm Console with a simple and clean design made with wooden bases covered with back-painted glass and 10 mm glass top back… Gallotti&Radice Dolm Gallotti&Radice Dolm A rectangular table with essential lines, accurate in every detail, made with wooden bases topped by a precious crystal… Gallotti&Radice Drizzle Gallotti&Radice Drizzle A shelving system characterized by a play of vertical aluminum elements acting as a frame and supporting the glass tops.… Gallotti&Radice Epsilon Gallotti&Radice Epsilon This hanging lamp is a stunning piece of classic, contemporary design that reinterprets the majestic Chandelier. An… Gallotti&Radice Epsilon sola Gallotti&Radice Epsilon sola A hanging lamp consisting of hand-shaped glass cylinders and metal parts. It is an object of design that celebrates… Gallotti&Radice Erminia Gallotti&Radice Erminia Designed by Pierangelo Gallotti, Erminia is a sideboard made of backstained crystal-covered wood available in the… Gallotti&Radice Fifties Gallotti&Radice Fifties A range of tables with soft shapes, inspired by 1950s design, which stand out for their tilted legs in natural or… Gallotti&Radice Fiona Gallotti&Radice Fiona Modular sofa characterized by distinct capitonnée decoration on the backrest, made with a wooden inner structure,… Gallotti&Radice George 2 Gallotti&Radice George 2 Designed by Pierangelo Gallotti, George 2 is a simply outlined table, made of tempered and transparent crystal (8 mm)… Gallotti&Radice Golden Moon Gallotti&Radice Golden Moon A collection of small tables characterized by two different forms, thin and lightweight base structure in burnished… Gallotti&Radice Haumea Gallotti&Radice Haumea Stylish range of coffee tables characterized by a 10mm transparent extralight tempered glass top and a cylindrical base… Gallotti&Radice Isola Gallotti&Radice Isola A simple but decidedly contemporary shelving system with glass supporting sides and brass satin shelves. The bright… Gallotti&Radice Jackie Gallotti&Radice Jackie A sophisticated and elegant armchair, with its pleasantly romantic shapes, perfect in front of the dressing table in the… Gallotti&Radice Keplero Gallotti&Radice Keplero Original design and special charm for Keplero, a hand-ground mirror able to create interesting reflections and light… Gallotti&Radice Koy Gallotti&Radice Koy Marked and elegant lines: Koy is a table with a transparent tabletop and a natural oak wood structure, tobacco-dyed or… Gallotti&Radice Lanterna Gallotti&Radice Lanterna Wall Light with a black lacquered frame, covered by extralight screenprinted glass in two colours, white and black.… Gallotti&Radice Layer Gallotti&Radice Layer Original and versatile table, Layer consists of a 15mm thick transparent crystal top lying on an unusual wooden base… Gallotti&Radice Lord Gallotti&Radice Lord Essential and elegant, this Lord table recalls the essential rationalism's lines and retrieves the steel and crystal… Gallotti&Radice Maat Gallotti&Radice Maat A table featuring simple and defined lines, that can easily combine elegance and refinement. It stands out for its hand… Gallotti&Radice Mister Gallotti&Radice Mister This bar trolley features two shelves 'floating' on a polished or satin stainless steel frame and 10 mm… Gallotti&Radice Misty Venice bar Gallotti&Radice Misty Venice bar Bar unit from a limited edition numbered collection; it is made of black open pore lacquered ash, covered with 6mm… Gallotti&Radice Narghilè Gallotti&Radice Narghilè Suspension lamp made of hand-shaped glass cylinders combined with bright chromed brass metal elements. Narghilè is… Gallotti&Radice Navigli Gallotti&Radice Navigli A wall shelving system with hand burnished copper structure and shelves. The hand burnished copper finish makes each… Gallotti&Radice Niagara Gallotti&Radice Niagara Manufactured with oversetting ground crystal layers, Niagara is a mirror whose distinguishing mark is a hand-ground… Gallotti&Radice Nori Gallotti&Radice Nori Original coffee table made of solid black lacquered wood, with hand-burnished brass base, and covered with a… Gallotti&Radice Nox Gallotti&Radice Nox Coffee table consisting of a basic structure made of an intersecting stainless steel frame that supports two overlapping…

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