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ABC carpets

ABC Italia is a company specialized in carpet production, combining ambition, creativity and culture as a way of transforming the ancient art of rug weaving into a family mission.

The brand was established by Sultan Amini in 1962 as Amini Brothers Company (ABC) a company that from the very beginning would stand out for its attention to values ​​such as human relations and social responsibility.

Today a market leader in the production and sale of classic and modern rugs, ABC covers a broad range of furnishing segments, from classy design to outright luxury.

The company has focused on different strengths that have contributed to its success in recent years.

The first is certainly the oversight it exercises over the whole manufacturing process, in the responsibility it carries for the entire chain of production, that is: sketching, designing and importing, sales and customer support. The second is the vast assortment, easily adaptable to different types of clientele and styles. Lastly, the third is a well-replenished and well-organized on-hand stock availability, laid out in a large warehouse area, and run thanks to cutting-edge software that guarantees a prompt availability of the product. All carpets are handcrafted in a perfect match between bright colors, tribal inspirations and natural yarns.

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Personal Shopper

To make the whole experience of shopping for interiors more comfortable and enjoyable for our customers abroad, we also provide a customized Personal Shopper service: as a prospective purchaser, we will dedicate a whole day to your home decor needs, welcoming you first to our showroom, and then taking you on a tour of the company showrooms of your favorite brands. The service includes all transfers to and from the airport, train station or hotel (limited to the area between Milan and Como).

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